Rumour: NVIDIA Released Bill Of Materials For Turing GPU To AiB Partners

Turing is undoubtedly a name that many gamers have heard being thrown about in the gaming circuit of late. It is the name of NVIDIA’s next-generation GeForce GPU architecture, which is rumoured to be launching sometime this year.

Now, a new rumour about Turing is suggesting that NVIDIA has already began “training the relevant employees from the development departments.” More specifically, these relevant employees had reportedly been fingered as being the people working for NVIDIA’s board partners.

To further solidify the rumour, NVIDIA had also reportedly provided its partners with a “Bill of Materials”, a document which is needed in order to built a new graphics card.

A typical Bill of Materials’ timeline.

Once again, nothing here is official, so it’s best to take the news with a liberal pinch of salt. However, if Guru3D’s three-month rule were to be applied, it’s very likely that we could see some semblance of NVIDIA’s next-generation GeForce GTX GPU sometime between August or September.

(Source: Tom’s Hardware, Guru3D)








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