Samsung Accidentally Leaks Galaxy S10 Design In One UI Blog Post

Samsung has announced details of the first Galaxy Unpacked event of 2019. The event will involve the official announcement of the Galaxy S10, and possibly the company’s foldable phone as well. That said, it appears that the look of the former has already been accidentally revealed by Samsung itself.

Reddit user qgtx spotted a Samsung Newsroom post about the upcoming One UI interface, according to BGR. It initially featured a phone that looked a lot like the leaked depictions of the Samsung Galaxy S10. Interestingly, the original image lacked the punch-hole camera cutout on the image with the lit screen.

Now, the image has been replaced with an almost 2D representation of a phone, one that’s even devoid of buttons. You can see for yourself the original image above, and compare it against the new one below.

Interestingly, the post itself was published on 7 January. The change was spotted by qgtx yesterday, 10 January. From the post on Reddit, it would appear that the design of the phone may have gone entirely unnoticed had Samsung left the original image there. This, then, looks to be another case of the Streisand Effect in action.

That said, Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event is just slightly over a month away. It won’t be too long a wait before we find out of the original image of the One UI post is indeed that of the Galaxy S10.

(Source: qgtx / Reddit via BGR)








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