Samsung Embraces The Notch; Announces The Infinity-O, Infinity V And Infinity-U Displays

During the Samsung Developers Conference, the Korean electronics giant announced both its Infinity Flex display and Google’s support for foldable screens. It also announced its take on the notch, with not one but three notch designs for its future devices – the Infinity U, Infinity V and Infinity O.


The naming convention of the displays here are relatively obvious. The shape of the notches being based on the corresponding letter. At a glance, both the Infinity U and Infinity V have similar cutouts at the middle of the screen. The Infinity O display, meanwhile, sits offset to the left side of the screen. While the first two are still acceptable, the last notch may garner some negative impact from consumers due to its unique location.

The three new notched displays should be heading to new devices by 2019 and beyond. Samsung also has a New Infinity display in the works, as pointed out in the same image as the notched displays, though there’s no news on what that display would be like.

Getting back on point, the new notched displays could appear in the brand’s mid-tier offerings rather than its flagship models, given its current trend with the Galaxy A7 and Galaxy A9. In the meantime, we shall wait and see how the market will react to this news, and how Samsung will react to the market reaction.

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