Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Might Have Its Fingerprint Sensor Under The Display

A feature that was sadly missing on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was an under-display fingerprint sensor. Fortunately, its upcoming successor – likely dubbed the Galaxy Note 9 – might actually come with the new technology.

According to KGI Security analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, Samsung has already received part samples from various manufacturers that will allow the Korean company to implement an under-display fingerprint sensor on its upcoming devices. According to Kuo, either BeyondEyes or Samsung LSI – a subsidiary of the company – is most likely to strike a deal with Samsung.

It’s no mystery that many phone makers have tried to implement under-display fingerprint sensors on their devices, and it’s really quite an impressive technology. vivo, for one, actually unveiled such a sensor, although there isn’t exactly any consumer-ready products with such a feature yet.

If Samsung were to implement an under-display fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy Note 9, it’ll be quite an accomplishment. However, there’s a chance other phone makers will beat Samsung to it – the Note 9 isn’t expected to be released anytime soon, after all.

(Source: Business Insider)








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