Samsung The Wall Stretchable TV To Ship Out Globally Starting July 2019

Earlier this year, Samsung showed off something it called The Wall, alongside its new 2019 QLED 8K TV lineup, but fell short of providing a launch date for it. We now know that the Korean brand intends to ship out the larger-than-average panel around the world by July this year.


To recap, The Wall is display panel comprised of micro-LEDs that Samsung say is “modular”. Allowing itself to take on the shape or form. By that, Samsung says that it is meant The Wall can either be stretched out or reduced in size in order to accommodate the length and width of the wall it’s attached to.

As impressive as this, the one thing we never got to see was The Wall in action. Back during the SEAO Forum 2019 held in March, the product we saw looked no different from a plus-size TV. On paper, Samsung says that The Wall is designed to never turn off, and can stretch from ratios of 73-inches in 2K, all the way to a whopping 292-inches in 8K resolution. Oh, and the panel also has a shelf life of 100000 hours.

Specs-wise, The Wall is fitted with Samsung’s Quatum Processor Flex, a machine-learning processor that is trained to deliver optimised scene-by-scene picture, regardless of format. It also has Quantum HDR technology and a 120Hz refresh rate, allowing it to provide a richer movie viewing experience.

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It also has a depth of less than 30mm and a slim, bezel-less and borderless design; a purposeful element put in place by Samsung to allow it to seamlessly blend into the background of whatever it’s hanging from. When not in use, Samsung says that the screen reverts to an Ambient Mode that shows off “curated art from paintings, photographs, and video art” that it believes can “enhance the living space”.

There’s no telling if Samsung Malaysia has any intentions of bringing The Wall to our shores, but if it does, it’s a given that the display isn’t going to be cheap, neither will it be targeted at the general consumer.

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