Samsung To Introduce QLED TVs With Samsung Symphony Audio At CES 2020

Samsung Electronics is planning to introduce a new TV paradigm that provides superior quality in visuals as well as audio during the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020 in Las Vegas. The TV combines the visual quality from their QLED panels with high quality 3D audio that could surpass current standards.


According to ETNews, Samsung has recently trademark names such as “Samsung Symphony”, “Q-Symphony”, and “Samsung Q-Symphony”, and speculated that the first option is the most likely candidate for the upcoming brand. On the other hand, the website believed that the term “Symphony” was to indicate that a TV sound and sound bar are performing together like a concerto-like symphony.

ETNews reports that Samsung Symphony aims to have both TV audio and soundbar operate harmoniously together to produce high quality audio. This process is operated by an AI that divides the roles of outputting bass, mid, and high frequencies between the two devices. The TV will output mid audio, while the the soundbar will output bass and high frequencies. With this, both devices could produce ultra-high quality 3D audio with realistic depth for an immersive viewing experience.

Samsung applied for trademark rights to Korea and US Patent Office-Korea, and US Patent Office. (Image source: ETNews)

It’s also worth pointing out that Samsung Symphony allows for both TV audio and soundbar to be operated together – a first for the industry. Usually if a TV is connected to a soundbar, the audio will only output to the latter – while if the soundbar is turned off, audio will then be produced by the TV’s speakers instead.

It’s expected that the Samsung Symphony will be applied to the brand’s upcoming QLED TV line-up for next year. Alongside the new Samsung Symphony TVs, ETNews also reports that Samsung will be introducing a number of new ultra-premium soundbars at CES 2020 as well.

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