See How The New Mac Pro Delivers 16K Video Playback

Regardless of whether you are looking at its list of hardware or just its price tag alone, the newly released Apple Mac Pro is certainly a beast in many aspects. Quite a number of prominent tech YouTubers already got their hands on it including Jonathan Morrison of TLDToday who has decided to demonstrate the outcome from the massive of firepower contained within his Mac Pro.


To provide some context, Jonathan’s Mac Pro is equipped with Intel Xeon W 28-core processor, two AMD Radeon Pro Vega II, Apple Afterburner accelerator card, 4TB solid state drive, and 384GB DDR4 ECC RAM. Together with Magic Mouse 2 and Magic Trackpad 2, his unit should cost RM 121,608 if purchased in Malaysia.

Then again, Jonathan also has a Pro Display XDR and Pro Stand (assuming he using the variant with nano-texture glass) which would bring the total price tag of his Mac Pro package to RM 152,106. His unit doesn’t come with wheels or else, there would be an additional RM 1,760 to the bill.

To make things interesting, Jonathan took out one of the Radeon Pro Vega II cards and then decide to process 16 4.5K video with ProRes 4444 XQ quality settings on Final Cut Pro. While he didn’t mention how long the Mac Pro took to render the video but then again, the fact the machine could deliver and playback a 16K video is rather impressive:

As per what we’ve pointed out before, the Mac Pro is certainly not meant for normal consumers. Just from the list of its hardware alone, the Mac Pro is not your run-of-the-mill high-end PC but instead, it is a workstation that is meant for tasks that require high amount of firepower such as high-resolution video rendering, graphics design, animation, computational simulation, and others.

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