Siri Can Now Tell You About FIFA World Cup 2018

FIFA World Cup 2018 officially kicks off tomorrow, and Apple is adding some pretty neat features to Siri in conjunction with the sporting event. Now, you can ask Siri practically everything related to this year’s World Cup.

This is the first time such a feature for Siri is implemented in Malaysia, and it appears to be pretty elaborate too. Siri can give you details on upcoming World Cup matches, team rosters, stats, scores, and even standings. You can even ask Siri what teams are in a specific group – very cool.

Aside from Siri, Apple’s other services will celebrate the World Cup too. The App Store will showcase football-themed apps and games, Apple Podcasts and iBooks have some editorial collections related to the history of the game, and even Apple’s Clips app features football-themed graphics and animated stickers.

The new Siri FIFA World Cup 2018 integration now works in Malaysia. Give it a try and ask the virtual assistant some questions; it may surprise you.








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