Sony Admits Xperia’s Problems During Investor Relations Day

Sony has acknowledged the failings of its mobile unit during its annual Investor Relations Day. The company reflected on the struggling Xperia brand, and took a candid look at why it has failed to meet expectations.

Sony revealed that its main problem is that it struggled in improving the product line to better compete with competitors. Pointing to problems with adopting the latest market trends – such as thinner bezels and dual cameras – quickly enough.

New CEO, Kenichiro Yoshida, is not yet ready to give up on the unit. As the company conglomerate looks to double-down on new technology for its smartphones. The company’s plan for its mobile unit includes the adoption of 5G technology, a heavier focus on European markets, further partnership with mobile carriers, and take better advantage of Sony’s in-house technologies.

It’s a good thing for any company to admit its shortcomings. Whether or not it improves upon the weaknesses is another story. We’ll definitely be watching what Sony has in store for future Xperias under the new regime.

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