Sony Mobile Division Gets Restructured; May See The End Of Xperia Compact Line

CES is not exactly a prominent event within Sony Mobile’s calendar which is why many expect that we’ll only be hearing more about the upcoming Xperia XZ4 during MWC next month. Nevertheless, Digital Trends recently managed to have a short chat with Sony Mobile Vice President of Marketing, Don Mesa, at the event where he shared more on the division’s direction for the coming future.

But one of the things he shared spelled a grim future for the Xperia Compact line of phones. Mesa told Digital Trends, “We stuck with Compact for a very long time, because of the ease of use. There’s always room for different sizes, but people want a lot more surface area for their content now.”

Truth to be told, Sony Xperia Compact devices were among the very few that maintained a form factor that’s closer to five inches. This is opposed to most phones these days that are going over six inches in size, despite bezels getting thinner.

To be clear, Mesa did not say specifically if Sony Mobile is truly giving up on the Xperia Compact line. But if that’s really the case, it will be a very unfortunate turn of events for those who preferred smaller phones. Rather than looking for more pocketable phones that are also more comfortable to use with one hand, the only option left will be to get used to the ever-growing size of phones.

Mesa also mentioned that the new head of development for Sony Mobile is Kimio Maki who was the very person that made Sony a highly regarded name in the world of cameras. So if it’s of any consolation, we may see Sony Xperia phones improve in terms of camera performance very soon.

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(Source: Digital Trends)








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