SOVS2 Uses Overlays To Achieve The Perfect Insta-Worthy Photo

If you’ve been looking for a photo app that’ll help you achieve Instagram-worthy photos with ease, you’re in luck. SOVS2 from Korea uses overlays in the app to help the photographer frame and pose the subjects in achieving the right photo every time.


SOVS2, which means SomeOne Very Special, has a tagline “Don’t explain it, just show it!”. This is achieved by showing a wire-frame outline in the shot for subjects to pose in the foreground.

Many of the poses are meant for couples, making it the perfect app for those wanting to spruce up their Instagram feed with influencer-level photos filling up their albums. All the photographer need to do is to lineup the subject under the overlay, and press the shutter button when everyone is in place.

The app itself is free on the Apple iTunes store, but it comes with limited overlays out of the box. Extra poses can be purchased in packs priced at US$1 (~RM4.07) each. Of course, if you’re unwilling to fork out RM5, there is also a solo pose app called SOVS, but that’s primarily for those who want to take solo photos.

(Source: SOVS Facebook via The Verge)








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