Spotify Releases its Year in Music 2017: Top Tracks and Artists, Personalised Playlists, and More

The year is finally coming to an end, and Spotify has a little treat for its subscribers. The company recently introduced a personalised Year in Music tool that shows you your top tracks of 2017. The tool also summarises how many minutes of music you’ve listened to throughout the year, the number of songs, genre, and more. Spotify also released its Global Year in Music 2017, summarising the top songs, artists, albums and more for the year 2017.

One of the things that makes Spotify unique and stand out among a large crowd of music streaming services is its personalised playlist feature. It can generate a wide variety of different music depending on your listening habits and even your age. Visit Spotify’s new microsite,, and discover the number of minutes you spent in this year listening to music, the number of songs you’ve listened to, the artists, and the type of genres you’ve explored.

The microsite also has a “Your Top 100 Songs” playlist that, as its name suggests, gathers the top 100 tracks you’ve listened to the most this year. Based on that information, it also generates another playlist called “Ones that Got Away”, a compilation of the trending songs that you’ve missed this year.

So, how about things for Malaysia? Check out the company’s Year in Music 2017 for Malaysians, showing the top tracks, artists, groups, albums, and more for the year 2017, and yes, Despacito made it to the list of most streamed tracks. Check out Spotify for the full list.

Check out your personalised year in music 2017 according to Spotiy.

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