Suicide Squad Reboot Script is Supposedly Really Good

David Ayer’s Suicide Squad was an epic failure, to say the least. The film had immense potential given its star-studded cast and that its director, David Ayer, is also the man behind Fury and End of Watch. However, Suicide Squad turned out to be a clunky and disjointed mess of a film that not only received poor reviews but failed to live up to its box office promise as well.


A lot has changed at the DC division over at Warner Bros since then. Many months ago, James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy) was announced as the director of the next Suicide Squad movie, which is set to be a reboot, not a sequel, titled The Suicide Squad. With Gunn at the helm, it looks like we could actually get a Suicide Squad movie worthy of its source materials. Fortunately, it looks like James Gunn’s screenplay is actually really solid. In an interview with, Guardians of the Galaxy actor and brother to James Gunn, Sean Gunn, shared his thoughts on his brother’s script:

“I know that he’s [James] very excited about shooting and now that I have read the script for it and I will say nothing other than that it’s really good. And I know that he’s pretty jazzed about it, so I’m definitely excited to hear what happens next. But they start shooting soon.”

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn

While Sean Gunn was never going to come out and say anything negative about his brother’s screenplay, it’s still great to hear more positive news surrounding the project.

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James Gunn previously mentioned that he will be drawing heavily from the John Ostrander run of the Suicide Squad comics.

“I have been an enormous fan of [Suicide Squad] in all its [DC Comics] incarnations – but to me there will always be something special about the [John Ostrander] run. Black ops military tales with disposable, often forgotten super villains?! Pure perfection.”

The Suicide Squad is set to hit the big screens on 6 August 2021.








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