tapp – A New Prepaid Service that Lets Users Customise Their Own Plan, and Sell Back Unused Quota

If you’re looking for a new mobile plan, here’s one that you might want to consider – tapp. tapp is a new prepaid service runs on Digi’s 4G+ network. What makes it stand out from other similar services is that it gives you full control of the minutes and data you need each month, and if you are unable to fully utilise them all, you may sell it back to the company and earn tapp Credit.

You can make your own plan on tapp, just decide on your budget and validity (1 to 30 days), then pick how much data and call minutes you need. To make things even more interesting, the digital service also allows you to modify your plan anytime you want – trade your data for minutes, or the other way around.

You can also purchase additional minutes or data to add to your existing plan, or if you still have balance at the end of the validity period, tapp will automatically buy your balance and credit to your account. The “buy back” price from tapp is only 65% of the original price, but it’s still a very good deal to be able to get back part of the credit rather than letting everything go to a waste. tapp Credit can be used to purchase a plan, make calls, and send messages.

tapp prepaid

tapp is currently only available for Android devices. You can get started immediately by downloading the “TAPP MY” app from the Play Store, and sign up using your Facebook or Google account. After that, pick your own number, and enjoy free calls and messages to other tapp users. However, if you wish to have the full tapp experience like the ability to customise your own plan, you will need to purchase a tapp SIM from its website.

The new prepaid service also claims to be completely transparent, which is why it shows you the rates upfront. Calls and messages to other tapp users are completely free with no data charges, while local calls to non-tapp numbers are charged at RM0.20 per minute, and messaging costs RM0.15 per message. Just download tappConnect app to use this feature. To top up your tapp Credit, just buy a Digi Softpin Reload Voucher at any Digi Store, or a Digi Partner like convenience stores, supermarkets, pharmacies, petrol stations, and more.

Do note tapp is still pretty new, and is still in beta. There are some things it can’t do, like support for iOS devices, Uber, Netflix and Snapchat. Mobile hotspot is not available yet, and there are no international roaming at the moment. In addition to that, similar to Ookyo, tapp requires VPN in order to work properly, which explains why it’s not available on iOS.

Interested? Visit tapp now to find out more and to get started.

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