Tesla wants to store your driver profile in the cloud

When the world of cloud computing and file storage came about, backing up your files to tools such as DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive and even Amazon Cloud storage meant that all of your data is safe and you can easily move from one laptop to another. In some cases, my previous consulting firm used to store entire virtual desktops on the cloud such that I could always connect to my work desktop without the need to actually physically my work laptop. In the world of automotive, the idea of profile probably started with your key and the most are that your car remembers how you have adjusted your seats, side mirrors and rear view mirror.

Tesla, on the other hand, aims to take this to the next level. Now imagine this, if, in your own Tesla car, you have set your own seating position which you are very comfortable with, your own playlist as well as other controls within the car. Store all of that information on the cloud and say the next time you are travelling and rent a Tesla vehicle, you get all of that readily available for you. That is what Elon Musk wants to achieve with Tesla and he confirmed it with a tweet.

Of course, the next level would be to constantly evolve the user profile data by enriching it with more data and information such as insurance and other preferences. Tesla alone isn’t focusing on the cloud as other automakers such as BMW is relying on the cloud as well for data to be shared and obtained. In the future when more data of the driver profile in the cloud is harnessed, safety and other benefits can emerge not just for the drivers but also for the overall industry.

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The other flipside to it is that Tesla is trying to get customer stickiness, the same way how Google entices people with free apps only to get them to swap out their entire ecosystem to Google-centric. I foresee Tesla’s strategy is somewhat similar.

[Source: TechCrunch & Twitter]








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