The All-New MyDigi Rewards Is Here: Featuring Tons of New Benefits, Priority Access To Deals, and More

Digi earlier today has officially unveiled the newly revamped MyDigi Rewards that is said to be the biggest such platform in Malaysia. While Digi has been providing rewards to its loyal customers for quite some time, the refresh brings forward several improvements as well as new benefits to the platform.


Among them is a new tiering system which allows users to unlock new benefits according to the amount of their Digi Points. To obtain Digi Points, all they need to do is pay their Digi Postpaid bill on time or reload their Digi Prepaid account in which they will obtain 1 Digi Point for each RM 1 spent.

The tiering system is divided into three different levels. The rewards that users can obtain within each tier are as below:

The system works in two 6-months cycles with the first cycle begins from 1 January till 30 June while the second cycle starts from 1 July till 31 December. Once a user is upgraded to a new tier, it will remain with them until the end of the current cycle.

According to Digi, there are currently thousands of deals and exclusive rewards within the all-new MyDigi Rewards from more than 500 brands and partners which can be enjoyed in 7,000 locations throughout the country. Given the wide scope of benefits available to Digi customers via the platform, the telco has implemented the Near Me function to help customers locate deals and rewards near them.

Digi customers are also able to share the deals and rewards to friends and loved ones through the platform’s gift function. For those with MyDigi Rewards Gold and Platinum status, they will also able to see check out upcoming rewards through Reward Sneak Peeks section of the app.

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At the same time, Digi has also unveiled another new feature on MyDigi called Box of Surprise. This addition also provides offers to Digi customers, but it is customized to fulfill their mobile usage and spending patterns in the form of free Internet, discounted Internet plans, exclusive Internet passes, and phone bundles.

Not only that, Box of Surprise offers are refreshed from time to time which explains the reason behind its name. Available immediately to all 11.7 million existing Digi subscribers as well as potential future customers, the all-new MyDigi Rewards and Box of Surprise can be enjoyed exclusively through the latest version of MyDigi app.

Android users are able to obtain the app through Google Play while Apple users can download it from the App Store. To learn more, head on to Digi’s official website.

For those foodies out there that already on Digi and using Android device, you able to directly access MyDigi Rewards’ food rewards (over 500 deals!) right here.

Disclosure: this article is sponsored by Digi.








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