The Huawei Watch GT Boasts A Two Week Battery Life

Alongside the Mate 20 and the multitude of variants, Huawei also unveiled the Watch GT. And the first thing the company was quick to point out was its 14-day battery life.


This is made possible with a new dual-chip architecture, which supposedly provides more than 80% in power consumption reduction.

There is a caveat, though. And it’s the GPS function in the Watch GT. Huawei says that while Watch GT battery life cut down significantly if GPS is left on, it can still trudge on for almost a full day. Or to be exact, 22 hours.

Apart from the amazing battery life, Huawei says that the Watch GT is capable of getting you real-time heart rate readings, updating readings every second.

Also, while many smart wearables provide some form of coaching for your workouts, it’s commonly done via a companion app on the phone. Huawei said during its event that this is a feature that should be directly built-in to the Watch GT.

It also comes with a water depth resistance of 50m, recognition for four different swim strokes, built-in altimeter, and sleep monitoring. All this put together makes the Huawei Watch GT one of the most complete fitness trackers out there.

The Huawei Watch GT comes in two colour variants – Stainless Steel and Black Stainless Steel. As for strap options, there are four to choose from – Graphite Black, Glacier Grey, Flourescent Green and Saddle Brown.

Local pricing and availability is not known as of yet. That said, we’re hoping that Huawei will soon make a local announcement of the Watch GT, alongside the Mate 20.

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