The new BMW M5 debuts in Need for Speed Payback

As BMW unveiled the wraps off their new BMW M5, they also took to the digital space to unveil the new super saloon. And what better platform to do so in Electronic Art’s Need for Speed franchise. Debuting in the latest edition, the BMW M5 will feature all of its real world characteristics in Need for Speed Payback. Players will be among the first to experience the new M xDrive all-wheel drive as they tear through the city streets and diverse landscape of Fortune Valley later this year.

“The new BMW M5 is a stunning car,” said Marcus Nilsson, Executive Producer at Ghost Games. “With immense horsepower and torque combined with gorgeous design, our players are going to love getting behind the wheel of the new M5. Whether it’s pulling off intense heist missions, or outrunning cops in epic pursuits or just cruising the open world, this car embodies performance, speed, and desire, making it one of the pinnacle rides in Need for Speed Payback.”

“The M is not only synonymous for the world’s most powerful letter but has also become a synonym worldwide for the prototype of the Ultimate Driving Machine. Take a look at the new BMW M5: its power output, torque and acceleration, the M specific all-wheel drive system M xDrive and its stunning design make our all-new toy the perfect feature for Need for Speed,” said Frank van Meel, President BMW M Division. “While the M5 won’t be officially released until next spring, Need for Speed players can drive it first and exclusively in Need for Speed Payback. We at BMW M are really proud of this collaboration.”

F90 BMW M5 Need for Speed Payback“Young, enthusiastic and 100% devoted to their passion: This is not only true for BMW M fans but also for millions of gamers around the globe, who love Need for Speed. BMW is joy and excitement for cars, whether it is in real life or digital,” said Hildegard Wortmann, Senior Vice President Brand BMW. “With this cooperation, BMW can reach out to a new audience that is truly digital. This is a perfect example of a fruitful cooperation in modern marketing with benefits for everyone and a new milestone after the BMW M2’s debut in 2015’s Need for Speed.”

The collaboration between Need for Speed and BMW has come a long way starting way back in 1999 where the BMW M5 was available to be used in the game as well as the M3 in 2005 and the M3 GTR in 2009.

Need for Speed Payback will be available for players in November.














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