There Will Not Be a Season 2 of WATCHMEN

In nooo-why-why-why-why news, it looks like we will not be getting a second season of Watchmen. I think most of us were more than confident that we will be getting a whole lot more seasons of Watchmen after watching the brilliant season 1. After all, that’s what genius showrunner Damon Lindelof did with The Leftovers too.


Now, a few weeks after the season ended, HBO President of Programming Casey Bloys had this to say to Deadline, in regards of Watchmen season 2:

It is really up to Damon at this point, he is thinking about what he wants to do. Truly, I don’t know at this point whether it is a returning drama series or a limited series. I think one of the things Damon did so brilliantly was, he opened up this entire world. So maybe there is another version with a whole new set of characters. I don’t know because Damon doesn’t know, and I’m talking his lead on this.


One thing is clear. This isn’t one of those cases where a network cancels a series for performing poorly in the ratings or anything like that. I’m guessing the higher-ups at HBO are very happy with the way the first season performed both critically and in terms of viewership. Why else would they give complete freedom to a showrunner to do as he pleases?

Interestingly enough, it’s Lindelof himself who says he won’t be returning to make a second season of Watchmen. The showrunner told USA TODAY that he’s already told the story he had in mind and has no interest in taking it any further. However, Lindelof has given his blessing to HBO should the Network want to pursue new instalments with a different writer-producer.

Personally, I’m perfectly fine with the series ending as-is. Would I love to see the world be explored a little more, especially with the way things ended with Sister Night? Yes. That said, season 1 told a wonderful close-ended story that continuing beyond that isn’t exactly necessary.

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