This Is Huawei’s European-Styled Ox Horn Campus in Shenzhen

Not too long ago, Huawei invited us to check out its new Ox Horn Campus in Shenzhen. Located in Songshan Lake, Dongguan, the campus takes inspiration from various landmarks in Europe with historical significance.

There are a total of 12 blocks in the campus, which are all named after famous places in Europe. These include Paris, Verona, Burgundy, Luxembourgy, Oxford, Bruges, Windermere, Bologna, Grenada, Heidelberg, Freiburg, and Cesky Krumlov. All of these blocks are styled after their respective names.

Oh, it’s also called the Ox Horn campus because of the pointed shape of the site. In Chinese, the campus is called Xi Liu Bei Po instead, which roughly translates to “leeward slope with streams and brooks.”

Aside from that, the Ox Horn campus covers a whopping 1.4 million square metres, and it costs over 10 billion Chinese yuan to build, which comes up to about RM6 billion. There’s also a Swiss-inspired electric tram that stretches over 7.8km long – it can take passengers to all 12 blocks of the campus.

According to Huawei, the Ox Horn campus is meant to evoke a relaxed environment to inspire its employees. Why did Huawei decide to go with European-styled buildings? Supposedly because they are the world’s classic landmarks that “accumulated the wisdom and essence of humanity for hundreds of years, recording a history of failures and successes.”

Currently, only the Paris block of the Huawei Ox Horn campus is completed, which houses the company’s R&D team. Once the campus is completed, it’s expected to accommodate over 25,000 Huawei staff in 108 buildings.

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