U Mobile Is Now Accepting Pre-Orders For The Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Now that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has been officially unveiled, local telcos are offering pre-orders for the phone as expected. As for U Mobile, the company is offering it alongside two postpaid plans, the Unlimited HERO P79 and P99.


The total amount you need to pay for both plans consists of the price of the Galaxy Note 9 itself, and the advance payment required. For the P79 plan, your total will be RM3101, while the total payable amount at the point of purchase for the P99 plan is RM3145.

With the limited number of plans going with the pre-order, the choice isn’t that hard to make. Either way, you’ll be saving slightly over RM1000, and with most popular streaming services under these plans have already been zero rated, so you’ll only need to decide whether the 20GB of browsing data is enough for your monthly use or to go for the unlimited data instead.

Aside from the savings, it seems that U Mobile pre-order program does not provide the free gifts as per Samsung Malaysia’s own pre-order promo. So, that is something you have to consider as well.

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