U Mobile Unlimited Hero P78 is the Cheapest Postpaid Plan with Unlimited Data

U Mobile now has its own postpaid plan with unlimited data, and true to its tradition, it is the most affordable one. Besides offering unlimited data, the Unlimited Hero P78 plan also has Call-Onz that offers unlimited calls to all networks.

As its product name suggests, the U Mobile Unlimited Hero P78 has a monthly commitment of RM78 a month. That makes it lower than the other two postpaid plans with unlimited data: the Digi Postpaid 80 and the webe postpaid plan that costs RM80 and RM79 a month respectively.

On top of that, the U Mobile Unlimited Hero P78 plan also allows free 10GB tethering to other devices. However, the speed is capped at 5Mbps – which is also the connection speed of the plan itself. That said, users will not be able to use the SIM card on a MiFi device; it can only be used as a mobile hotspot on a smartphone.

Subscribers also receive unlimited Video-Onz, but usage is capped at 480p resolutions. Finally, the plan also bundles a new feature called Roam-Onz, which offers free 5GB of high-speed data for roaming in 12 countries. More information on Roam-Onz can be found here.

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One thing that is not unlimited is SMS usage. SMS remains charged on a pay-per-use basis at 3 sen/SMS to U Mobile numbers, and 8 sen/SMS to other numbers.

The U Mobile Unlimited Hero P78 postpaid plan is now available to all new and existing U Mobile customers from 16 May onwards – and is only available for a limited time only. U mobile did not mention when this plan will no longer be available.

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