Underwater: Kristen Stewart Discusses Story and Practical Effects Used

Underwater is a film that was made in 2017 but is only getting released next week. While that more often than not isn’t a good sign, and the film’s January release date doesn’t exactly boost my confidence, I can’t help but feel at least a little intrigued. Some of it has to do with director William Eubank, whose previous film The Signal is pretty damn interesting. Most of it has to do with Kristen Stewart, an actress I’ve been championing since forever. Post-Twilight, Stewart has delivered a number of inspired performances in the indie circuit, but her roles in wide releases have always ranged from aggressively mediocre to rubbish. It’ll be interesting to see which side of the fence Underwater falls.


Not only that, it looks like most of the stunt work done in the film was practical. In an interview with ET Canada, Kristen Stewart talked about her experience starring in the film.

A lot of stuff that we did was super practical. It was fun, it was not hard to do the movie in terms of trying to fantasize and play pretend. It was hard to do the movie because it was scary and it was genuine! It made a lot of these things happen, we blew a lot of stuff up.

Underwater follows a crew of aquatic researchers who have to get to safety after an earthquake devastates their subterranean laboratory. Unfortunately, there’s something horrifying lurking around the ocean seabed. Kristen Stewart, who plays the lead in the film went on to discuss a little bit more about the story.

We start out with a group of people that have decided to be completely alone. So their relationship with society and the world at large anyways is in an extreme sense cut off. The idea that their bosses — the company that runs all of this — even just their being there has put them in harm’s way in the sense that they’ve accessed sort of inaccessible places, that they’ve taken things that don’t belong to them. That we’ve mined the bottom of the ocean, that we’re digging for oil in a place of such mystery that what comes out is an emergency sort of natural disaster, but really it’s a repercussion.














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