unifi Customers Are Reporting Slowdown Nationwide (UPDATE)

A significant number of unifi customers have reported connection slowdown in various location throughout the country. The slowdown might have begun as early as last night; just before midnight according to users on Lowyat.NET Forums.


Through our quick search on Twitter using unifi” as the search term, the number of complaints regarding the slowdown is just staggering and still going on until now.

Meanwhile, we have also noticed several unconfirmed messages that have been shared on the Internet which seemed to have been originated from TM’s Network Operating Center:

If the above messages are true, this might have partially explained the slowdown that users are facing right now. Since TM has yet to release any official statement regarding this slowdown, we are now trying to reach out to the company’s representatives for further clarifications.

(UPDATE – 932pm)

TM has finally begun to acknowledge the issue through its social media channels via replies to its customers.

Nevertheless, we are still reaching out to the company’s representative for official comments.


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