unifi Mobile Unlimited Postpaid Plan Returns: Available Now For RM 99 Per Month

As promised, TM has finally unveiled more details regarding the return of unlimited plan under its unifi Mobile offerings during its media briefing yesterday. The revive plan is part of the several announcements that the company made at the briefing which include unifi basic, unifi Turbo, and Streamyx speed upgrade.

Aside from providing unlimited data, the plan also includes unlimited domestic calls and SMS messages. For hotspot tethering purposes though, customers are subjected to 10GB quota that will be refreshed on monthly basis.

Even though the presentation slide stated that the package will be made available starting from 15 July onwards, customers are actually able to obtain it immediately according to the FAQ document (pdf) on unifi’s official website. Do note that users need to pay an upfront fee of RM 100 when they registered for the plan although the amount will be offset into their bill later on.

Priced at RM 99 per month, the unifi Mobile unlimited postpaid plan is currently available only to existing TM’s broadband customers inclusive of unifi, Streamyx (pre-unifi), unifi Wireless Broadband, P1 wimax, and TMgo Mobile Broadband. For more info, head on to unifi Mobile’s official website.








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