unifi Mobile Users Can Now Request Credit Top Up From Other People Via Pay4Me

unifi Mobile subscribers now have a new payment option that they able to utilize to add more credit to their account. Called Pay4Me, this particular option allows other people to purchase top up for them.

Available through the mobile@unifi app, all they have to do is send the Pay4Me link to the person that would be paying for the credit reload. Customers can choose to just copy and share the link through any medium including SMS, e-mail, instant messaging, or even social media.

Alternatively, they can also choose to input the e-mail address of the person and the app will send over the link accordingly. While there are no restrictions in term of reload value, each Pay4Me request need to be completed in 2 hours’ time before it became expired.

At the same time, customers are limited to five Pay4Me requests within 24 hours. For the other parties that received the Pay4Me request, they can complete it by using credit/debit card or online banking.

(Source: unifi Mobile)








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