unifi TV Plus 4K Box Allows Access To Google Play Store; Not Yet Compatible with Netflix Though

TM has begun to roll out the new unifi Plus Box which offers new features to unifi TV customers including 4K capability, Google Assistant support, and a number of pre-installed video streaming app. Since the box is also running on Android TV, we did wonder whether users are able to access Google Play Store through it.


We have reached out to TM regarding this and the company confirmed that users are indeed able to utilize Google Play Store to download apps into its new TV box. This is quite a surprise given that such access were not provided to previous unifi TV boxes even though they are powered by Android albeit with customized users interface.

This particular feature has since been noted inside the latest marketing e-mail and press release. Another related question that we have asked TM is regarding the inability for the unifi Plus Box to support Netflix playback as noted on its FAQ document.

The company responded back by saying Netflix app is not compatible with the unifi Plus Box at the moment and was actually cooperative enough to provide us with a screenshot of the error:

This information is in line with what Netflix has stated in its Help Center. TM didn’t provide any comment on whether it going to fix the incompatibility anytime soon but has stated that it will announce to customers if there are any official changes to unifi Plux Box compatibility with Netflix or other apps and services.

TM has also confirmed to us that the unifi Plus Box doesn’t run on a dedicated VLAN anymore for contents, as opposed to older unifi TV boxes. This is why the company recommend minimum speed of 5Mbps for the new box inside its FAQ document.


Last not least, we were also informed that the RM 10 monthly fee will only be applicable throughout the duration of the 24-month contract. As per our report yesterday, this fee applies to existing unifi TV customers that want to obtain the new unifi Plus Box without moving to a new package.

For further information, you can check out unifi’s official website right here.














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