Vainglory 5v5 Now Available On Mobile Devices

As promised, The Vainglory Update 3.0 has officially made 5v5 available to every player globally. The game’s creator, Super Evil Megacorp, launched the update today, and has said that it is designed from the ground up to support all devices that currently run the current 3v3 format.

The new game mode, powered by the company’s proprietary E.V.I.L game engine, renders more than three million polygons, along with more than 200 animated moving actors rendered at 120fps. Not surprising, if you want to play the game at this frame rate, one of the only few phones with a display that supports 120fps is the Razer Phone.

Additionally, the new 5v5 update will also feature a new score composed by renowned video game composer Joris de Man, who is best known for his work on both the Killzone franchise and Horizon Zero Dawn. Super Evil Megacorp explained that the new 5v5 features an “adaptive music system that unveils the score based on how you play,” and that it changes depending on the player’s situation.

In-game itself, the new mode will come with new challenging features, such as true line-of-sight Fog of War, completely free player camera controls, wave control, and last hitting, to name a few. And to celebrate the launch of the new update, Super Evil Megacorp will be kicking off a special Lunar New Year event that will run from 15 to 22 February, where players will have a chance to win some in-game skins and extra bonuses from playing with new year-themed skins.

The new Vainglory update is already available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. To learn more about the new 5v5 mode, you can read our in-depth article for a better understanding of the game here.

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