Warner Bros Adopts AI Assistance For Decision Making On Movie Releases

The usage of AI is prevalent in the tech industry where it’s used to automatically optimise hardware performance on certain devices, and even determine which photography mode to utilise when capturing photos on your smartphone. It now seems that Hollywood is capitalising AI as a method to help regulate movie releases.


According to a report by Business Wire, Hollywood giant Warner Bros. Pictures has plans to adopt an AI-driven project management system developed by Cinelytic Inc. The system will assist the studio in making decisions during the “greenlight process” where it will predict a movie’s revenue, gauge the value of talents, and even determine when a film should premiere.

Cinelytic stated that the AI won’t have the final say on whether a movie gets the greenlight or not, and the decision still falls under Warner Bros. executives. The company added that the platform features machine learning & artificial intelligence driven tools that provide game changing insights on talent value, content potential/risk, and audience demand in real time.

The studio’s move to adopt AI in its project management does seem interesting, but it might not sit well with other executives, film makers, and even Hollywood stars. Having an AI determining whether a movie should be given a summer blockbuster or an off-season filler treatment will most likely generate backlash from industry figures and fans alike.

Joker Golden Globes 2020

Warner Bros. have yet to implement the platform in their decision making process, so it’s too early to tell if AI could indeed help the studio to publish more hits rather than misses. Let’s hope the platform predicts success from the studio’s upcoming sequel to last year’s Joker film.

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