Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A Official: Two Distinct Variants, Retail from Only 699 Yuan

Xiaomi recently launched yet another budget-friendly device in China, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A. Available in two different models, one of the most notable aspects of this new phablet is its very, very affordable price tag: the Redmi Note 5A retails from only 699 Chinese yuan – that comes up to about RM450.

As mentioned, there are two variants of the Redmi Note 5A: the standard one, and the Redmi Note 5A Prime. As its name suggests, the Prime is the higher-end model in the series, and it comes with a 5.5-inch 720p display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 processor paired with up to 4GB of RAM, two choices of expandable storage (32GB or 64GB), and a 3,080mAh battery.

Aside from that, the Redmi Note 5A Prime also comes with a 16MP front-facing camera complete with flash. The rear shooter, on the other hand, is a 13MP camera with phase detection autofocus.

And then we have the more affordable Redmi Note 5A. For the most part, it shares most of the Prime’s specifications, but it does come with less storage and RAM at 16GB and 2GB respectively. Other than that, the Redmi Note 5A also features a 5MP selfie camera – instead of the Prime’s 16MP shooter – and a Snapdragon 425 processor.

As is always the case with Xiaomi, the Redmi Note 5A carries very competitive price tags. The standard model retails at only 699 yuan (about RM450), while the Prime variant goes for 899 yuan (approximately RM580) and 1,199 yuan (around RM770) for the 32GB + 3GB and 64GB + 4GB models respectively. As usual, it remains to be seen if the Redmi Note 5A will be available in Malaysia.

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