You Can Rent Tony Stark’s Endgame Cabin on Airbnb For RM 3300

In a moment of heartbreaking heroics, Tony Stark sacrificed himself to vanquish the Mad Titan Thanos to save us all. I am of course referring to the climactic moment in Avengers: Endgame where Tony Stark AKA Iron Man retrieves the Infinity Stones from Thanos and snaps his fingers. Unfortunately, the daunting task took a massive toll on his body, causing his death.


Now, diehard fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe can remember Tony Stark by spending the night (or more) in what has now become one of the film’s most iconic locations: Tony Stark’s cabin in the woods. In Endgame — 5 years after The Avengers killed the prime timeline Thanos — Tony moves to a cosy cabin in the woods with a lake view to start his family with Pepper. And at the end of the film, we go back to the same cabin with all the Avengers and their close friends and family for Tony Stark’s funeral.

That very same cabin is listed on Airbnb and is available to book starting at RM 3300 per night. The cabin is located in rural Fairburn, Georgia in the United States and is about a 20-minute drive from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. The Airbnb description is as follows:

Set on private property in the middle of beautiful Bouckaert Farm and home of Chattahoochee Hills Eventing this guest cabin can be your home away from home. Need to get away from it all without traveling more than 30 minutes from Atlanta? Need to have a corporate retreat with your elite team? Need to come take the kids fishing and watch a horse show? Then this is your place.
Avengers Endgame fans… Would you like to stay in Tony Stark’s cabin? This is the iconic cabin in the movie!

A few days ago, the price was listed as $US 335 per night. However, it appears that the Airbnb unit has grown significantly more popular in the short period of time and the owner has increased the price to $US 800 (RM 3300) per night.

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